How to Unlock an iPhone 3

how to unlock an iphone 3

how to unlock an iphone 3

How to unlock an iPhone 3

If you google “how to unlock an iphone 3” you are bound to find there are many many many links, most of them youtube links.  The process that we provide through our website for how to unlock an iphone 3 is fully automated and is safe, permanent (forever), and does not need you to do anything except plug your iphone into iTunes when it is completed.  What I am referring to, of course, is a factory unlock.  You may also find jailbreaking when you search for how to unlock an iphone 3.  This is another method, but is best left to those who are willing to experiment as many times I have seen people brick their iPhones when using this method to unlock an iphone 3.  The software you need to load onto the iPhone is unofficial software.  By factory unlocking your device, you still use official software and no changes are made to your iPhone.  You can put any IOS you want on your iPhone and updates will not change your factory unlock in any way.

The steps to using our service are easy:

  1. -Click on the Shop or instructions link
  2. -Order the unlock you wish (for the carrier your iPhone is locked to)
  3. -Wait for the completion email and then connect to iTunes with your new sim card

When you asked “how to unlock an iphone 3”.  You never realized it could be that simple.  I only factory unlock my iPhones.  I find it too much hassle any other way.  Also I have screwed up an iPhone 4 in the process (Luckily there are a lot of people who buy them for parts on eBay!!).

If you wish to avoid selling your iPhone 3 for parts, use this method for how to unlock an iphone 3.  It is very cheap depending the the carrier it is locked to and it is 100% guaranteed by us as well.  Should you EVER have a problem (which so far has never happened), simply contact us and we will ensure that the problem is fixed.

Maybe when you searched “how to unlock an iphone 3”, you were hoping to avoid roaming charges and use it out of country, or perhaps unlock and sell your iPhone for more than you could if it was not unlocked.  No matter why you are looking for how to unlock an iphone 3, you couldn’t have come to a better place.  I stand by my word.  You will not be unsatisfied.  Check out our reviews and you will see.